OA Churches Continue to Engage with Different Community Services

File Photo of Free guitar class students in New Delhi

Churches under Olivet Assembly of India continues to engage with the communities around them with various community services which include teaching how to play music instruments like guitar, drums, keyboard, etc.

Churches reported that the communities around them have responded such good and positive initiatives from the church and they have received it very well.

The intention of such outreach programmes are to bless the communities as part of the community services and to engage with the youths and alike positively for the society; at the same time they can also enjoy and benefit the services which are absolutely free of costs, said one of the organising leaders.

The organisers also give thanks to the volunteer teachers who have been teaching totally free at various locations. “Truly, they exemplify the serving nature of Christ,” the leader said.

The churches in the region will continue to bless and give such good services that are offered without any string attached, free of cost as part of their community service.