Teens – About Us

The OA Teen Mission desires to provide an alternative to the prevailing culture that is being offered to the youths of this generation through Biblical studies, engaging activities, and opportunities to become involved in missions across the world. Teens represent the immediate next generation that should be educated and taught the importance of responsibly living life the way Jesus Christ taught in the Gospel.

Teens within the Ministry will have the opportunity to grow as powerful leaders in their schools that can influence a counter culture of love and moral values the majority rejects. OA Teen Ministry will allow teens to learn under the care of experienced and diligent leaders who can pass on the vision of the Kingdom of God under their tutelage. Teens can expect to receive God’s calling and plan for their lives among a community of believers that commit their entire lives to Christ.


OA Teen Ministry purposes to develop a remnant of teens that can spread the gospel among their peers in all environments and settings where other missions may not be effective.