Churches Participated in WEA & EFI’s Global Day of Prayer and Fasting

Churches under Olivet Assembly of India had also participated in the Global Day of Prayer and Fasting, an initiative of World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, fully endorsed by Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI), the national body of the evangelicals.

The World Evangelical Alliance has designated Sunday, March 29 as a Global Day of Prayer & Fasting amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. They encouraged everyone to pray to God that the crisis will pass quickly.

WEA has also provided a guide for the day with fasting options as well as scripture reading selected for the occasion.

“It is very graceful for the global churches to come together by taking up the spiritual responsibility of our time and intercede for the whole world and for the Lord to bring the pandemic to an end soon,” said the general secretary Rev. Peter.

“We are very thankful to WEA and EFI for this initiative. This is not the end but a reminder to all of us that we must and we should continue to pray for the pandemic to end soon,” the leader added.

The prayer and fasting were in the churches gracefully.