Olivet Centre of South Asia Hosts Mission Committee Meeting

OA South Asia Mission Committee meeting

In a bid to fortify and expand their outreach, the Olivet Centre of South Asia recently hosted OA South Asia’s pivotal Mission Committee Meeting from November 30th to December 1st, 2023.

This congregation brought together esteemed members and stakeholders to deliberate on a myriad of critical topics pivotal to their mission objectives.

Discussions on Good Mission Practices:

Foremost on the agenda was a comprehensive discussion on the implementation of effective mission practices. The committee delved deep into exploring innovative methodologies, best practices, and strategies to enhance their mission’s impact and effectiveness across the region.

Expansion Plans Across Multiple Regions:

A pivotal highlight of the meeting revolved around the ambitious expansion plans slated for the north, south, east, northeast, and western regions within South Asia. Comprehensive strategies were brainstormed and meticulously drafted to ensure a robust and widespread presence in these diverse regions.

Focus on 7 South Asian Countries:

With a vision geared towards broader impact, the committee dedicated significant time to devise targeted approaches tailored for seven key South Asian countries. The discussions centered around customizing initiatives and approaches that resonate with the unique cultural, social, and geographical landscapes of these nations.

The meeting’s outcomes are poised to usher in a new phase of growth and empowerment for the Olivet Centre of South Asia. By amalgamating innovative practices, strategic expansion plans, and tailored approaches for diverse regions and countries, the committee aims to further their mission of positive transformation and community upliftment across the South Asian landscape.