OA South Asia to Run Leadership Training Every Quarter in 2024

Olivet Assembly of South Asia

OA South Asia plans to conduct leadership training sessions every quarter with a focus on discipleship and church planting with the focus on the Missional Goal of 2027.

Leadership Training:

The leadership training sessions aim to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead effectively in various capacities.

Training will cover areas such as communication, conflict resolution, strategic planning, and team management.

The frequency of quarterly sessions suggests a commitment to ongoing development, allowing participants to continuously refine their leadership abilities.

Emphasis on Discipleship:

Discipleship often involves mentoring and nurturing individuals in their spiritual and personal growth.

The leadership training may include modules on how to mentor others, facilitate spiritual growth, and build strong, supportive relationships within the community.

Church Planting:

Church planting involves establishing new churches, often in areas where there may be a need for spiritual or community support.

The training likely addresses the practical aspects of starting and sustaining a new church, including outreach strategies, organizational structure, and community engagement.

Ongoing Commitment:

The decision to conduct training every quarter signifies a commitment to consistent and continuous development.

Regular training sessions allow for reinforcement of concepts, addressing emerging challenges, and adapting to evolving needs within the organization or community.

Regional Focus (South Asia):

The emphasis on South Asia suggests a contextualized approach, taking into account the specific cultural, social, and religious dynamics of the region.

Tailoring the training to the local context is crucial for effective leadership development and successful church planting efforts.

Holistic Approach:

The combination of leadership training, discipleship, and church planting indicates a holistic approach to community development.

By focusing on both leadership skills and spiritual growth, the initiative aims to create well-rounded leaders capable of making a positive impact in their communities, in order to fulfil the grand goal of 2027.